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Our House Plans

Our collection of pre-designed home plans allow you access to timeless design when budget and time are limited.  Each plan is customizable to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Our team is available to transform OUR design into YOUR home.

Buying one of our Plans...

At Wilson Design & Construction, we understand that buying a home plan can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. That's why we strive to make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible. Here's a breakdown of our home plan purchase process:

Choose YOUR plan: Browse through our selection of home plans and select the one that best suits your needs.

Modifications?: Once you have chosen your plan, if desired, you can work with our team to make modifications to the design. We understand that every home is unique and want to ensure that your home plan meets your specific requirements. You can make changes to the layout, room sizes, and other features. Once you submit your modification request through the contact page, you can expect to receive a quote with your requested design modifications.  As you might expect, the cost of modifications will vary depending on the degree of changes you wish to make.


Approve modifications quote: Once we have received your approval and funding for the modifications, we will proceed with creating your final design. Once you receive your modified plans, we encourage you to carefully review the plans to ensure that they meet your expectations. If necessary, we will work with you to make the necessary minor interior changes under the original quote. 


Receive your plans: Once you are satisfied with the final plans, we will send you the complete set of .PDF formatted plans via email.


Start building: With your final plans, you're set to begin building your dream home! We are always available to answer any questions or provide support throughout the building process, should you desire.

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