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The Process

We're your partner to achieve your dream home. To most people, the idea of building a custom home is somewhat intimidating.

We understand your concerns and have worked to relieve you of as much of the stress as possible when it comes to building your new home. As your partner in this endeavor, we will guide you through a process that breaks down the creation of your new home into manageable phases. This phased process should relieve most of your anxiety and help you accomplish your goals.

The Phases

If you already own a site for your project, great! If not, don't worry. We are happy to help you identify an ideal spot for you. Once a site is selected, a careful review of the lot's specific characteristics will be performed, including orientation, topography, drainage, utility availability, and access. This information will help us as we move into further design stages.

Phase 1: Site Review

Together we'll sit down over a cup of coffee (or two) and lay out a design concept. It's a concept that will be built around your specific needs, wants, and budget constraints. We will also discuss any specific goals you may have for the project, such as future expansions, energy efficiency or handicap accessibility.

Phase 2: Initial Planning

Once we have established our basic design concepts and have discussed the proposed budget, we will begin what will ultimately be our completed design for your new home. During this phase we develop a design that centers around the floor plan, exterior styling, limited interior detailing, and a preliminary budget.

Phase 3: Preliminary Design

Once you’ve approved the preliminary design drawings and estimated costs, we will together begin the work necessary to bring these preliminary ideas to reality. Most of us approach life knowing that there is a bottom to the financial barrel. In other words, it's necessary that all the project parameters fit within a given budget. By working with us, we’ll lead you through a process and what’s termed “value engineering” to arrive at the best design options for your project so as to offer you the most "bang for the buck" in your new home.

Phase 4: Estimating, Budgeting, Construction Plans

Decisions, decisions! For some of our clients, this is the most intimidating part of the process: Where do I start looking? Should I have a decorator help me? Do you really think this paint color goes with my new curtains?! Don't worry, we understand your anxiety. And, it's this understanding that has led us to employ our own in-house selection coordinator to assist you. By following the steps set out for you in advance, you'll be able to deliberately and efficiently move through the various decisions required to make your house truly a reflection of you.

Phase 5: Selections

It's vitally important that as partners, we all have a clear picture of what is expected of each other, and have a mechanism that establishes those responsibilities. During our years in business, we have developed a written agreement that does just that. Moreover, this agreement provides valuable information such as the scope of the project, owner and contractor responsibilities, and details about the specific materials that will go into your new home. It's our way of ensuring that your expectations are met during the construction phase.

Phase 6: Contracting

At various stages of construction, it will be necessary for us to visit your new home together to discuss certain options, review the work to date, or finalize decisions that are best made on site. These walk-throughs are an invaluable resource because it's on site that you get a true glimpse of the finished product that will soon be your new home.

Phase 7: Walk-Through

There may be times you feel like this day will never arrive. However, as it draws nearer, with buying new furniture, packing and moving preparations, or, perhaps, saying farewell to friends, you'll probably wonder if you can possibly be ready in time. Through it all, we'll be there to support you in every way possible, from helping you make calls for new utility services to assisting you in locating the nearest grocery store.

Phase 8: Move-In

We are proud of the homes we produce and thankful for the trust our customers place in us. Moreover, the satisfaction you have with your finished home is our best indicator of how well we've done our job. As such, we want you to know that even after you move in, we are there as a resource for you. Should something require our attention in the coming months, all you need do is ask.

Phase 9: Service & Warranty
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In our first meeting you told us that your job was to build our home with as little stress and worry as possible for us...you and your staff definitely delivered!


– Jay and Missy Eason

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