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In today's world of HGTV, construction is often depicted as an uncomplicated process where following a few easy steps leads to a perfect, picturesque project. However, this simplistic view ignores the reality that the construction process is inherently fluid, meaning that circumstances often change on a daily, if not hourly, basis.


At Wilson Design & Construction, Inc., we consider ourselves experts in construction management and approach each job as professionals. By calling upon our years of experience, we are able to complete your project in a manner that is superior in all aspects.

Superior Design

At Wilson Design & Construction, Inc., we understand that good design goes beyond individual products or ideas combined haphazardly. Rather, it more closely resembles a musical theme: an underlying melody that is displayed in such elements as an elegant arch, sophisticated details, proper proportion, or the crisp intersection of lines. However, we're not content with designs that are simply beautiful; they must also function in a way that works for you.

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Attention to Detail

Ahh, the details … When most people hear the term, they often think only of those objects that are, in many of today's homes, little more than afterthoughts. It's no wonder that so often these homes lack that "something special" despite the builder's best effort.


Conversely, we view your home's details as part of an overall effect. Details that applied properly, and with the utmost attention to craftsmanship, combine to complete the whole.

Outstanding Construction

By right, we could build your project to the minimum standard as required by local and national building codes. But as our reputation proves, we are in the practice of providing projects that are built from materials of the highest quality, by tradesman of the highest caliber and through methods that are of the highest standard.

"You see, we're not hoping to simply keep you satisfied through project completion. We are working toward that day—perhaps years from now—when, with the benefit of hindsight, you are able to look back and truly appreciate the care and quality that went into building your home."

At no time during the building process did we worry about the quality of the work being done…that was a huge blessing!


– Mark and Patty Goodman

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